Welcome to Legacy 6000!


To inspire the creation of at least 6,000 families that wouldn’t otherwise exist as a result of anonymous sperm and egg donation.


By raising awareness, inspiring people and providing a support community for at least 2,000 caring and selfless donors who have each permitted the creation of up to three families from their donations to create their own ‘gift-of-a-family’ legacy.

All net proceeds from the sale of the Legacy book by Kelly Clifford go towards supporting this initiative. Buy your copy today on Amazon to show your support.

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Kelly Clifford

Meet Kelly Clifford

In 2012, I set out on a journey to help create three families that wouldn’t otherwise exist without my help. Often, we only hear about donor conception from the recipients’ perspective. This book is the other side of the story. It is my truth, and will shock many that know me, as I’ve kept it a secret until now. My hope is what I share in Legacy gives new insights, raises awareness and inspires in equal measure.

With my personal legacy now secured, I want to make an even bigger impact so that my biological children can be truly proud of me.

With the launch of my book Legacy, I am THRILLED to launch this Legacy 6000 initiative. Right now, I don’t know where this will ultimately lead but what I do know is that I am really excited about the journey ahead with it.


Please reach out and make contact if you want support, to be involved or would just like to find out more.